Fireworks during the <em>Fest der Freiheit</em> (Festival of Freedom) celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Wall. - <em>by SL Wong</em>
Fireworks celebrating freedom.

My husband and I were opening a new joint bank account. We weren’t sure if accessing funds over the counter always required both signatures.

Our German then was non-existent and while we had a German friend with us, the bank officer, bless her, tried hard to help us directly with her stumbling English.

I asked her if there was an ‘either/or’ option to access the account, but drew a blank. I tried again. Could I access the funds if my husband was not with me to sign the withdrawal slip?

She scrutinised us before replying: “Here, we have emancipation”. ω

Experienced: 14.10.2008 || Recounted: 14.08.2014

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