A stylish, voluminous hijab. - <em>by SK Mandal</em>
A stylish, volumnious hijab. – by SK Mandal

I am fascinated by the style of hijab worn in Berlin by some women. In Malaysia, the Muslim headdress, called tudung in Malay, tends to be worn flat against the nape; if the women had long hair, it would be coiled into buns barely noticeable beneath the veil.

In Berlin though, buns tend to be large and prominent, adding volume to the hijab (pictured) and reminding me rather of Nefertiti’s cap-crown and H’mong headdresses.

My first sight of such a hijab adorned a young Muslim on the U-Bahn, who jumped into the seat facing us with her two (presumably) non-Muslim friends. Her hijab extended cone-like at a 30-degree angle skywards, and she sported fake eyelashes, heavy makeup and a bubbly personality to match – a typical teenager with life bursting out of her. ω

Experienced: 01.05.2009 || Recounted: 30.06.2014

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