View From Above

Die Draufsicht

Photographing a bird's eye-view of Berlin is not easy: it's very flat and doesn't have big city skylines. But that’s part of the German capital's charm. ...

This is a recurring motif in Banksy's oeuvre. - by SL Wong

Beyond Banksy

Außerhalb Banksy

The painstaking removal of multiple layers of paint revealed policemen with smileys as faces. Trademark Banksy, the guerilla street artist, ...

Darth Vader duels with a fan at the Brandenburger Tor. - by SL Wong

Of Stars and Lights

Sterne und Scheine

What do Star Wars, Hanukkah and Christmas have in common? A place before Berlin’s iconic Brandenburger Tor. The Brandenburger Tor ...

What’s Oriental

Was ist Orientalisch

To Germans, 'oriental' seems to have a very specific meaning. Whilst visiting one of my first parks, the Gardens of the World, a signpost for the Orientalische Garten caught my eye. ...

To Russia With Love

Zum Gedenken an Russland

This beauty of a Russian Orthodox church is a study in the neo-Byzantine style. The tiny church’s ancient caretaker appeared ...

Monarchs bought the hill and in 1847, Italophile Friederich Wilhelm IV designed the Belvedere, a massive pleasure palace inspired by Renaissance-era Italian villas. - by S.L. Wong

Lenné’s Curves

Lennés Bögen

Arbours, snaking pathways and clever lines of sight were employed by Prussian 'garden artist' Lenné to ingeniously link diverse and seemingly unconnected landscapes. ...

This Egyptian pyramid stands out in the most English of gardens. - by SL Wong

A Pyramid in a Park

Eine Pyramide im Park

“It’s good to be the king”, I thought, as I stood before the pyramid in Potsdam’s Neue Garten (New Garden). ...

The Glienicker Brücke: divided we stand. - by SL Wong

Bridge of Spies


Was it optimism or irony that made them name the bridge the Brücke der Einheit (Bridge of Unity)? ...

Terrassen Plätzchen. by S.L. Wong

Christmas Cookies


Each year in early December, Yoggi's kitchen would be filled for days with the smell of baking. His Yuletide gift to family and friends outside Berlin were invariably boxes of Weihnachtsplätzchen (Christmas cookies). ...

The Buddy Bear has made Berlin synonymous with bears. - by S.K. Mandal

Bear in Mind

Berliner Bären

Blame the Buddy Bears for popularising the notion that Berlin derives its name from ‘Bär’, German for ‘bear’. These colourful ...

At the foot of the Müggelberge is The Teufelsee. It is 20,000 years old and associated with myths, one of which tells of a princess who lives in it. - by S.L. Wong

The Hills are Alive

Die Berge sind Lebendig

Was it the princess in the lake that drew me? The Müggelberge's mysterious lake and moors transfixed me when I explored the area. ...



Of all the German words that I encountered when I first moved to Germany, it was ‘pflegeleicht’ that struck me. ...