Griot Abdourahmane Diop set the stage on fire. - by S.L. Wong

Ramadan in the Pleasure Garden

Ramadan im Lustgarten

The venue was so heavily 19th century European it seemed the most unlikely place to hold a celebration of the ...


Vhils Rebooted

Vhils Gerebootet

I was determined not to miss it again. After stumbling upon a magnificent giant portrait by street artist Vhils in ...

The history of Vietnamese in Germany is tied to Cold War divisions. - by SL Wong

Asian Encounters II

Asiatische Begegnungen II

I noticed him whilst I was hanging around a Bahnhof entrance in Neukölln, waiting to photograph the station disgorge passengers. ...

Cherry blossoms Berlin - by SL Wong

Asian Encounters I

Asiatische Begegnungen I

As a new arrival in Berlin and being of Asian extraction, I somehow expected ‘foreigner’ to be stamped on my ...

Truemmerfrau Berlin - SL Wong

Remembering the ‘Rubble Women’

Die Anerkennung der 'Trümmerfrauen'

Immediately after WWII, women shouldered the bulk of clearing the tons of rubble in bombed cities. These Trümmerfrauen (rubble women) impacted gender roles in Germany. ...

Linienstrasse 142 sculpture - by SL Wong

Constructed Art

Gebaute Kunst

The sculpture was huge, shaggy and up on a tree. We were delighted to immediately identify it as something from ...

U-Bahnhof Suedstern, Berlin - by SL Wong

Star Station


The name of the U-Bahnhof Südstern (literally, south star) references the station's location at Berlin's erstwhile southern boundary, from which roads leaving the city radiated in a star shape. ...

Summer Snow


Ah! Spring. Season of .. allergenic early-flowerers a.k.a. hay fever-inducing plants. One culprit is the Pappeln or poplar (Populus), which produces 'summer snow'. ...

Georg Eiser Monument, Berlin - SL Wong

The Profile of Georg Elser

Das Profil von Georg Elser

How do you make a new monument matter on a busy street? The monument was to Georg Elser, a carpenter who in 1939 tried to assassinate Hitler and other Nazi leaders but failed. ...

Siegesallee statues - SL Wong

Heroes of Marble

Helden aus Marmor

With limbs and bits of torso missing, the marble statues were also rather unceremoniously lumped together in a corner of Spandau's Zitadelle (Citadel). A far cry from their original purpose .. ...

So press studs were sold in Malaysia during the Cold War. - by SL Wong

‘Wessis’ in my Drawer

'Wessis' in meiner Schublade

Looking for press studs for a cushion cover, I was stunned to discover this in my sewing kit – in ...

Cake - Eva Ohne Sahne - by SL Wong



To great hilarity, my husband put together bits of two sentences he had half heard and that is how the cake came to be known as Eva Ohne Sahne (Eva Without Cream). We were at Yoggi's birthday party .. ...