Rana esculenta - by SL Wong

Why Did the Frog Cross the Road?

Warum Überquert der Frosch die Straße?

A white bucket in hand, Christine Zorn walks along the knee-high tarpaulin fencing a road in Buch, in north Berlin. ...

Berlin Junction - by SK Mandal

Berlin Junction

Berlin Junction

Two enormous rusty metal sheets on the pavement formed a narrow passageway. We walked around it but could not see what the sculpture was supposed to represent. ...

Apartment for Rent - by SL Wong

Apartment for Rent

Wohnung Mieten

Google Translate was indispensable when we were house-hunting using German language-only Berlin property websites. However, in 2008, the software wasn’t ...

U-Bahnhof Siemensdamm - by SL Wong

Siemen’s Station


The U-Bahnhof Siemensdamm commemorates 19th-century inventor / industrialist Werner von Siemens ... ...

Bauhaus Museum - by SL Wong

The Sum of the Bauhaus Parts

Die Summe der Bauhaus Teile

With the landscape sheathed in thick white snow, the red, yellow and blue of the Bauhaus signboard stood out ... ...

Music plays a large role in Jewish religious services. - by SL Wong

Musical Window into Jewishness

Musikalische Fenster zum Jude-Sein

He stunned me with a divine voice and a beautiful melody. And that's how I came ... ...

Dawn at Amsterdam Airport Schipol. - by SL Wong

Dawn III

Die Morgendämmerung III

Travelling between Malaysia and Germany sometimes rewarded us with brilliant dawns en route. While waiting for our connecting flight at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, I took these photos .. ...

Rinderroulade (Beef Roulade) - by SL Wong



Like a lot of 'German' food, the hearty filled rolled meat dish which is Rinderroulade or beef roulade is not confined to Germany. Variations thereof are part of the cuisines of Austria (of course) and indeed, much of Central Europe. ...

Community Garden in Tempelhofer Feld - by SL Wong

Gardens for All

Gärten für Alle

Old bed frames and plastic containers are among the recycled materials that make up the community gardens at the former Tempelhof Airport, now a park. ...

The end of the Cold War. - by SL Wong

Trabi – Test the Best

Trabi - Test the Best

I positioned the toy Trabi with a piece of the Berlin Wall to pay tribute to 'Trabi – Test the Best', the famous painting of the car bursting through the Berlin Wall. ...

Billboard of anti-whaling campagin against Japan. - by SL Wong

Against Japanese Whaling

Gegen den Japanische Walfang

Friends got really upset when we showed them a picture of this billboard targeting Japan's whaling programme. Was it racist? I didn't think so but I can see .. ...

U-Bahnhof Kochstraße - by SK Mandal

Checkpoint Station

Checkpoint Bahnhof

Before "Checkpoint Charlie", the U-Bahnhof Kochstraße's signboard blurb was "Final Station in Berlin West". But that was during the Cold War of course. ...