Arundhati Roy on Democracy

Arundhati Roys Demokratiekritik

I could hardly contain my excitement when I learned that Arundhati Roy was the keynote speaker at the 2009 Internationales Literaturfestival Berlin (Berlin International Literature Festival). ...

Spizahorn in Autumn - by SL Wong

Dawn II

Die Morgendämmerung II

Jetlag gets me up at dawn. It is autumn and the bedroom is suffused with a light yellow. The yellow ...

Ducks in Water, Winter in Treptower Park - by SL Wong

As a Duck Takes to Water

Die Ente in Ihrem Element

Oh Mallard, how do you do it? It’s minus ten degrees out there, half the River Spree is frozen and ...

This festive draught excluder was bought in Winter, but served us well throughout the cold weather, which amounted to about eight months in a year. It also came in useful for my third Christmas' greeting card. - by Sl Wong

What to Put on a Xmas Card

Zur Erstellung einer Weihnachtskarte

Nobody does Christmas the way Germans do, and so each Weihnachten, I made digital .. ...

Photo Central


Small and window-less, its thick walls covered in white paint, the room contained a display of black and white photographs. ...

Passersby joined in the 'die-in'. - by SL Wong

Climate Action


Leading up to to the Copenhagen Summit, Germany's Greenpeace held an installation in front of the Brandenburger Tor demanding politicians ...

Dawn in Berlin - by SL Wong

Dawn I

Die Morgendämmerung I

A plus point about jetlag whenever I returned to Berlin from Malaysia was the quiet joy of seeing dawn break ...

U-Bahnhof Altstadt Spandau - >em>by SL Wong

Deep Station


The U-Bahnhof Altstadt Spandau is one of Berlin's deepest stations, built thus as this section of the U7 line runs under a river and a medieval city centre. ...

Places of Remembrance Memorial - Bayerisches Viertel - SL Wong

Signs of the Times

Die Zeichen der Zeit

Looking around Bayerischer Platz, nothing in the square initially stood out. Then we spotted the pictograph of a park bench ...

The golden stag is a nod to the forest that once covered Schöneberg. - by SL Wong

A Golden Stag

Ein Goldener Hirsch

This magnificent golden statue of a stag is perched high up on a column in Berlin-Schöneberg. It recalls both the locality's coat of arms and forests that earlier covered the area. ...

Rocket Soup by SL Wong

Vegetable Soup


Pumpkin and potato soups topped my list of most-ordered German soups whilst in Berlin. But Yoggi opted for Rucola (rocket) for his vegetable soup lesson. ...

Graffiti on Geschwister-Scholl-Str is coincidentally appropriate to its location. - by SK Mandal

The Jumper

Der Springer

Besides the amusing happenstance of the scooter's parked position, the jumper's energy, resoluteness and youth appear to reflect that of resistance and action. ...