On 9th November 1918, Karl Liebknecht proclaims the German Free Socialist Republic. - by SK Mandal

Germany’s Day of Destiny

Der Deutsche Schicksalstag

The 9th of November has become synonymous with Fall-of-the-Berlin-Wall celebrations... ...

Yellow only cool for warnings to Clear Exit Day and Night? - by SK Mandal

The Colour Yellow

Die Farbe Gelb

As the weather turns colder, Berliners’ clothing starts shedding colour. Yellow in particular disappears. Which, in my first year in ...

Treptower - gorgeous in Autumn - by SLWong

Treptower Park by the River

Treptower Park am Fluss

The colours of Treptower Park were the most magnificent that first Berlin Autumn... ...

Shampoo ad in Berlin - by SL Wong

Spotted at the Hairdresser

Beim Friseur Gesehen

Spotted in 2011 in a hairdresser’s window in Berlin: “That feels good! Shampoo-ing with schwarzen Kopf (referring to both the ...

U-Bahnhof Paracelsus-Bad - by SL Wong

Bath Station

Bad Bahnhof

The U-Bahnhof Paracelsus-Bad's interior design references both the nearby 1950s swimming pool as well as Roman baths. Its Art Deco 'stalactite' lamps are noteworthy. ...

"Kein Foto!" - by SL Wong

Chinese Threat

Die Chinesische Bedrohung

She darted at me, very upset. The German came thick and fast and all I could make out was “Kein Foto!” Taken aback, I lowered my camera. But why she was so perturbed? ...

Music by buskers such this Roma troupe can liven up Berlin's drearier days. - by SK Mandal

Bengawan Solo

Bengawan Solo

I am walking towards the trains when I hear 'Bengawan Solo' being played on the accordion. I stop, for it suddenly transports me back to Malaysia. ...

'Love locaks' - romantic gesture or public nuisance? - by SL Wong

Locked Forever .. or Not

Ewig Verschlossen.. Oder Nicht

Despite being banned and contantly removed, ‘love locks’ keep popping up on Berlin’s bridges. These padlocks are inscribed with couples’ names ...

Gulas' philosophy is about the breaking of the pyramid of transport in terms of power. - by SL Wong

Eco Easy Rider

Öko Easy Rider

It's been called a transport revolution, a bolt of lightning on wheels, in fact, one of the quickest forms of inner city transport on the planet. Best of all, it is environment-friendly. ...

Braised Liver with Sauerkraut and Mashed Potatoes - by SL Wong



I never quite learned to enjoy the taste of Sauerkraut. I guess I would have had I been a fan of pickled food, for the dish is originally actually Chinese! ...

Oktoberfest - Festzelt Hippodrom - by SL Wong

Surviving Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Überleben

Oktoberfest isn't German. It's Bavarian. That that distinction is an important one was obvious when we first arrived in Berlin and I casually asked our new friends about the beer festival. ...

A rainy-gray Spree winding under the Nordbrücke am Bundeskanzleramt. - by SK Mandal

Gray Spree

Graue Spree

A rainy-gray Spree River winds under the Nordbrücke by the Chancellory on this June day... ...