No Power to Dogmas

Keine Macht den Dogmen

The visit of Pope Francis' predecessor, Benedikt, to Berlin in 2011 was greeted with much protest, including a demonstration that drew thousands. ...

Hamburger Bahnhof - by SL Wong

Last Station Standing

Letzte Erhaltene Bahnhof

Boasting gorgeous classical architecture, the Hamburger Bahnhof is the only surviving great terminus from the railway period's beginnings in Prussia. ...

OK, I really tried hard to not take any it-takes-girls-to-sell-alcohol photos. But not when they were dressed in such pretty costumes as this Russian one .. - by SL Wong

Berlin Beer Fest

Berliner Bierfest

Giant beer bottles such as this one by Russian brand Bajithka indicated from afar the 15th edition of the festival, ...

The memorial 'Bibliotek' (Library) was created by artist Micha Ullman, son of German Jewish immigrants; his "holes and constructions accentuate the emptiness of human structures" (Israel Museum). - by SL Wong

Wherever Man Burns Books

Wo Man Bücher Verbrennt

In the middle of a massive square in the heart of Berlin, is a sunken library. It can hold around ...

Conquering ice. - by SK Mandal

Time to Say Bye

Es ist Zeit 'Bye' zu Sagen

Hair flying, the two girls raced along the slippery pavement. It was Winter and the grit had worn off so ...

Schnitzel Wiener Art with Swabian Potato Salad. - by SL Wong



Having experienced the gamut of Schnitzel preparations in Germany, we have found that it can range from veal that is textbook thin and tender to rubbery pork. ...

Using his trademark carving technique, Vhils featured one half of creative Berlin street and performance artists Various & Gould. - by SL Wong

Power Lines

Energie Kunst

Where massive gasometers once overlooked the Spree river, a huge face on a wall now does. .. ...

Looks the same, feels the same, but it's not - language is a tricky thing. - by SL Wong

Hell is Bright

Falsche Freunde

Hell is bright and Gift is poison while a Taste is a keyboard key and Klang is not my husband’s ...

Non-native but well-adapted are Mandarin Ducks, seen here in the Tiergarten, Berlin - by SL Wong

Motley Mandarins

Kunterbunte Mandarinenten

If the crazy colours and patterns of male Mandarin Ducks don’t point to natural selection at its most obvious, I ...

Royal Red Station

Königsroter Bahnhof

Did the 'royal red' limestone in the Bahnhof Mohrenstr underground station come from Hitler's Reich Chancellery? ...

Vhils for Levis' Go Forth Campaign, Potsdamer Str. 151 (Sven Marquardt) - by SLWong

Stone Faced

Königsroter Bahnhof

A giant face stared out at us from the wall of the building. In a city full of graffiti, the ...

Fireworks during the Fest der Freiheit celebrations of the 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Wall. - by SL Wong



Strangers in Berlin generally didn't tell us what they thought of us, but a bank officer inadvertently did. ...