Naturkundemuseum Bhf - by SL Wong

Dinosaur Station

Dinosaurier Bahnhof

A dinosaur is frozen against the wall at the Naturkundemuseum Bahnhof underground station. ...

The forest takes its name from Grünewald, meaning greenwood, a forest that is green, which it decidedly was not in March. - by SL Wong

A Wander in Grunewald

Wandern in den Grunewald

When I visited my first ‘real’ forest in Berlin, I could not help feeling how sparse it was compared to ...

Where can one find the German equivalent of Oxford English? Does it matter? - by SL Wong

Real German

Echt Deutsch

It started with a reaction to Romy saying she wanted to spend time in the UK to learn to speak ...

How is news packaged for the U-Bahn's captive readership? - by SL Wong

Headline Malaysia

Schlagzeile Malaysia

Malaysia doesn’t make it to the news very often in Berlin, especially the news digests that flash on the little ...

Siegessaule - Festival of Lights - by SL Wong

Reinventing Victory

Der Sieg Immer Wieder Neu Erfinden

In the sublime 1987 film, ‘Der Himmel über Berlin‘ (‘Wings of Desire’), filmmaker Wim ... ...

Tempeholf Airport Installation - by SL Wong

Tempelhof: From Airport to Park

Komm Tanz mit Mir

Trust Berlin to have an airport-sized park in the middle of the city that was actually once an airport.


Reeds in Britzergarten - by SL Wong

Come Dance with Me

Komm Tanz mit Mir

What stunning use of video. Through this medium, original dancers from Lucinda Childs' 1979 piece, 'Dance', 'partnered' live dancers on stage,.. ...

Initially, I did not even know what the German for 'on' and 'off' was (see bottom left), what more the rest of the manual. - by SL Wong

Contemplating the Washing Machine

Betrachtung der Waschmaschine

I shall contemplate the washing machine. Dictionary firmly in hand, I sit before the machine,.. ...

Strudel by any other Name

Strudel von einem anderen Namen

“As German as apple strudel” should in the name of accuracy really be: “As Habsburgian as apple strudel”. Habsburg was ...

Not just an Asian obsession at the Mauerpark Bearpit Karaoke. - by SL Wong

Karaoke in the Park

Karaoke im Park

The man sings his heart out – badly – and the several hundred-strong crowd cheers. This is karaoke Berlin-style, happening ...

Cacti of every shape and size in the Botanic Garden Berlin. - by SL Wong

Cactus House


Go the Botanic Garden and sit in the warm greenhouse, was a how-to-survive-a-Berlin-Winter tip offered us by our friend Silke. ...

Jüdische Opfer des Faschismus by Will Lammert - by SL Wong

Discover Truth

Nach Wahrheit Finden

“Discover truth, love beauty, seek goodness, do the best one can,” (“Nach Wahrheit forschen, Schönheit lieben, Gutes wollen, das Beste ...