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Berlin Block (for Charlie Chaplin) by Richard Serra. - by SL Wong

Berlin Block

Berlin Block

Tilted awkwardly "as if Chaplin was turning on his shoe", this 77-ton Richard Serra 'Berlin Block' is both a tribute to the comedian and a comment on the Cold War…

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Vhils Rebooted

Vhils Gerebootet

I was determined not to miss it again. After stumbling upon a magnificent giant portrait by street artist Vhils in 2012, I tracked down all four works that were in…

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Linienstrasse 142 sculpture - by SL Wong

Constructed Art

Gebaute Kunst

The sculpture was huge, shaggy and up on a tree. We were delighted to immediately identify it as something from home – an orang-utan – and whipped out our camera…

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Berlin Junction - by SK Mandal

Berlin Junction

Berlin Junction

Two enormous rusty metal sheets on the pavement formed a narrow passageway. We walked around it but could not see what the sculpture was supposed to represent.

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The end of the Cold War. - by SL Wong

Trabi – Test the Best

Trabi - Test the Best

I positioned the toy Trabi with a piece of the Berlin Wall to pay tribute to 'Trabi – Test the Best', the famous painting of the car bursting through the Berlin Wall.

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Vhils for Levis' Go Forth Campaign, Potsdamer Str. 151 (Sven Marquardt) - by SLWong

Stone Faced

Königsroter Bahnhof

A giant face stared out at us from the wall of the building. In a city full of graffiti, the work was stunning for the quality of its portraiture. Excited,…

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Joseph and Helene Haase and their sister-in law, Margarete lived at No. 100. - by SL Wong

Stumbling Stone Memorials

Stolpersteine Denkmäler

It was drizzly, gray and wintery when we headed out to the Rathaus Neukölln. The heavily-pedestrianised Karl-Marx Strasse sidewalks had been narrowed by mounds of gray ice that had earlier…

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Playing with reality in 'Innen Stadt Aussen'. - Your uncertain shadow (colour) © 2010 Olafur Eliasson


Innen / Aussen

I walked into the room and it was like walking into colour itself – a fog of multiple hues and the closest sensation to swimming in liquid air I've ever…

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The Zille Milieu


Ordinary Berliners of the late 19th and early 20th centuries were wittily depicted by beloved illustrator Heinrich Zille (1858–1929). His thrust was satirical and affectionate social criticism, particularly in the…