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Colourful tiles, fountains and fruit trees adorn the garden courtyard. - by SL Wong

What’s Oriental

Was ist Orientalisch

To Germans, 'oriental' seems to have a very specific meaning. Whilst visiting one of my first parks, the Gardens of the World, a signpost for the Orientalische Garten caught my eye.

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Was adapting to a new city going to require little care? - by S.L. Wong



Of all the German words that I encountered when I first moved to Germany, it was 'pflegeleicht' that struck me. I first saw it on the washing machine. Then stamped…

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Apartment for Rent - by SL Wong

Apartment for Rent

Wohnung Mieten

Google Translate was indispensable when we were house-hunting using German language-only Berlin property websites. However, in 2008, the software wasn't always very accurate and threw up some gems. The best…

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Looks the same, feels the same, but it's not - language is a tricky thing. - by SL Wong

Hell is Bright

Falsche Freunde

Hell is bright and Gift is poison while a Taste is a keyboard key and Klang is not my husband's hometown but sound. In German, that is. Charming for the…

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Where can one find the German equivalent of Oxford English? Does it matter? - by SL Wong

Real German

Echt Deutsch

It started with a reaction to Romy saying she wanted to spend time in the UK to learn to speak Oxford English. Romy was not alone in holding up Oxford…

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Initially, I did not even know what the German for 'on' and 'off' was (see bottom left), what more the rest of the manual. - by SL Wong

Contemplating the Washing Machine

Betrachtung der Waschmaschine

I shall contemplate the washing machine. Dictionary firmly in hand, I sit before the machine,..

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Not curry laksa, but close enough - my curry kapitan.

Dream Interpretations


On my first night in Berlin, I dreamt of an aluminium wall overflowing with Curry Laksa gravy. Taupok, green beans and all.