Syrian Sweets

Syrische Süßigkeiten

Like a beacon, Konditerei Al-Iman drew us indoors to warm our bodies and sweeten our palates with tantalising desserts from Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.

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The history of Vietnamese in Germany is tied to Cold War divisions. - by SL Wong

Asian Encounters II

Asiatische Begegnungen II

I noticed him whilst I was hanging around a Bahnhof entrance in Neukölln, waiting to photograph the station disgorge passengers. Was he Vietnamese, I wondered, and was he selling contraband…

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Cherry blossoms Berlin - by SL Wong

Asian Encounters I

Asiatische Begegnungen I

As a new arrival in Berlin and being of Asian extraction, I somehow expected 'foreigner' to be stamped on my forehead for all to read and react to. Instead, no…


My Kiez

Mein Kiez

An audio slideshow about living in Neukölln, part of my series on my Kiez (neighbourhood), Neukölln, which explores notions of belonging.

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Neukoelln Flats

Satellite TV


Satellite dishes define migrant neighbourhoods in Berlin such as Kreuzberg and Neukölln. They mostly receive broadcasts in Turkish and Kurdish. We have heard some people – including German Turks –…


Take My Photo II

Foto Machen II

It was Spring and I was at it again in Körner Park, aiming my zoom lens at Ver the statue. Suddenly, I spotted ..

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Take my Photo I

Foto Machen I

"Entschuldigung! Bitte, Foto!" The high-pitched calls gradually broke through my focus.

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