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Messages against gentrification started proliferating throughout Neukölln in 2011. - by SL Wong

Yuppies – Out!

Yuppies – Raus!

The first street demonstration in Berlin we attended in 2009 was against gentrification, especially in Kreuzberg and Mitte. But it wasn't until 2011 that our neighbourhood of Neukölln came under…

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Spizahorn in Autumn - by SL Wong

Dawn II

Die Morgendämmerung II

Jetlag gets me up at dawn. It is autumn and the bedroom is suffused with a light yellow. The yellow is from the maple leaves shading my bedroom window. Which…

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Dawn in Berlin - by SL Wong

Dawn I

Die Morgendämmerung I

A plus point about jetlag whenever I returned to Berlin from Malaysia was the quiet joy of seeing dawn break among scudding clouds. The only thing was that these clouds…

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Joseph and Helene Haase and their sister-in law, Margarete lived at No. 100. - by SL Wong

Stumbling Stone Memorials

Stolpersteine Denkmäler

It was drizzly, gray and wintery when we headed out to the Rathaus Neukölln. The heavily-pedestrianised Karl-Marx Strasse sidewalks had been narrowed by mounds of gray ice that had earlier…


My Kiez

Mein Kiez

An audio slideshow about living in Neukölln, part of my series on my Kiez (neighbourhood), Neukölln, which explores notions of belonging.

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Autumn in Neukoelln

Blue Sky

Blaue Himmel

When the weather behaves, the intense blue of cloudless Berlin skies inspires a favourite indulgence: lying on my back and making shapes with leaf fringes.


Take My Photo II

Foto Machen II

It was Spring and I was at it again in Körner Park, aiming my zoom lens at Ver the statue. Suddenly, I spotted ..

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Take my Photo I

Foto Machen I

"Entschuldigung! Bitte, Foto!" The high-pitched calls gradually broke through my focus.

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