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This pair of statues flanked broad steps leading to the fountain in Körnerpark. - by SL Wong



What's art, what's defacement? It's definitely defacement when it is a monument. Still, the paintwork on these Körnerpark statues evoked another image for me ..


The Hunt

Die Jagd

This is a story of a waterlily pond, a frog and a snake. It is full of action, menace and suspense. Luckily, there is a happy ending although one party does look foolish.

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Colourful tiles, fountains and fruit trees adorn the garden courtyard. - by SL Wong

What’s Oriental

Was ist Orientalisch

To Germans, 'oriental' seems to have a very specific meaning. Whilst visiting one of my first parks, the Gardens of the World, a signpost for the Orientalische Garten caught my eye.

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Russian Colony Potsdam - by SL Wong

To Russia With Love

Zum Gedenken an Russland

This beauty of a Russian Orthodox church is a study in the neo-Byzantine style. The tiny church’s ancient caretaker appeared to only speak Russian and ignored me the entire time…


Lenné’s Curves

Lennés Bögen

Arbours, snaking pathways and clever lines of sight were employed by Prussian 'garden artist' Lenné to ingeniously link diverse and seemingly unconnected landscapes.

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This Egyptian pyramid stands out in the most English of gardens. - by SL Wong

A Pyramid in a Park

Eine Pyramide im Park

“It's good to be the king”, I thought, as I stood before the pyramid in Potsdam's Neue Garten (New Garden). Mel Brooks' catchphrase came to me because the structure standing…


Gardens for All

Gärten für Alle

Old bed frames and plastic containers are among the recycled materials that make up the community gardens at the former Tempelhof Airport, now a park.

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The forest takes its name from Grünewald, meaning greenwood, a forest that is green, which it decidedly was not in March. - by SL Wong

A Wander in Grunewald

Wandern in den Grunewald

When I visited my first 'real' forest in Berlin, I could not help feeling how sparse it was compared to Malaysia's rainforests. I had long heard tell of Grunewald, Berlin's…