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It keeps snowing and snowing .. - by SL Wong

First Snow

Der Erste Schnee

I was inordinately excited at my first Berlin snowfall. Perhaps because it happened in November when we were told it doesn't normally snow till January. Perhaps it was because November was a mere month after we had relocated.


View From Above

Die Draufsicht

Photographing a bird's eye-view of Berlin is not easy: it's very flat and doesn't have big city skylines. But that’s part of the German capital's charm.

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C/O Berlin im Postfuhramt - by SL Wong

Photo Central


Small and window-less, its thick walls covered in white paint, the room contained a display of black and white photographs. Looking at the images in that space, I really felt…

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"Kein Foto!" - by SL Wong

Chinese Threat

Die Chinesische Bedrohung

She darted at me, very upset. The German came thick and fast and all I could make out was “Kein Foto!” Taken aback, I lowered my camera. But why she was so perturbed?


Take My Photo II

Foto Machen II

It was Spring and I was at it again in Körner Park, aiming my zoom lens at Ver the statue. Suddenly, I spotted ..

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Take my Photo I

Foto Machen I

"Entschuldigung! Bitte, Foto!" The high-pitched calls gradually broke through my focus.

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