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This pair of statues flanked broad steps leading to the fountain in Körnerpark. - by SL Wong



What's art, what's defacement? It's definitely defacement when it is a monument. Still, the paintwork on these Körnerpark statues evoked another image for me ..

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Berlin Block (for Charlie Chaplin) by Richard Serra. - by SL Wong

Berlin Block

Berlin Block

Tilted awkwardly "as if Chaplin was turning on his shoe", this 77-ton Richard Serra 'Berlin Block' is both a tribute to the comedian and a comment on the Cold War…


Heroes of Marble

Helden aus Marmor

With limbs and bits of torso missing, the marble statues were also rather unceremoniously lumped together in a corner of Spandau's Zitadelle (Citadel). A far cry from their original purpose ..

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Berlin Junction - by SK Mandal

Berlin Junction

Berlin Junction

Two enormous rusty metal sheets on the pavement formed a narrow passageway. We walked around it but could not see what the sculpture was supposed to represent.

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The golden stag is a nod to the forest that once covered Schöneberg. - by SL Wong

A Golden Stag

Ein Goldener Hirsch

This magnificent golden statue of a stag is perched high up on a column in Berlin-Schöneberg. It recalls both the locality's coat of arms and forests that earlier covered the area.

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Crowning the Rivers

Um die Strömen zu Krönen

Good music from a stage near the 19th-century Neptunbrunnen (Neptune Fountain) in Mitte, prompted me to sit down on a bench in front of the allegorical figure of Oder. I…

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Jüdische Opfer des Faschismus by Will Lammert - by SL Wong

Discover Truth

Nach Wahrheit Finden

“Discover truth, love beauty, seek goodness, do the best one can,” (“Nach Wahrheit forschen, Schönheit lieben, Gutes wollen, das Beste tun”) is a quote by Moses Mendelssohn, the celebrated 18th…


Comrade Builders

Die Genossen Bauarbeiter

When we chanced upon this sculpture, its ugliness stopped us in our tracks. Then we realised how much of an anomaly ..

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