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It keeps snowing and snowing .. - by SL Wong

First Snow

Der Erste Schnee

I was inordinately excited at my first Berlin snowfall. Perhaps because it happened in November when we were told it doesn't normally snow till January. Perhaps it was because November was a mere month after we had relocated.

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'Knee over socks' - a Berlin thing? - by SL Wong

Berlin Socks

Berlin Socken

The shop label described the pair of long socks in the best Berlin English as ‘knee over socks’. I thought I would buy myself a pair of those that first Winter ..

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Was adapting to a new city going to require little care? - by S.L. Wong



Of all the German words that I encountered when I first moved to Germany, it was 'pflegeleicht' that struck me. I first saw it on the washing machine. Then stamped…

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Apartment for Rent - by SL Wong

Apartment for Rent

Wohnung Mieten

Google Translate was indispensable when we were house-hunting using German language-only Berlin property websites. However, in 2008, the software wasn't always very accurate and threw up some gems. The best…

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Yellow only cool for warnings to Clear Exit Day and Night? - by SK Mandal

The Colour Yellow

Die Farbe Gelb

As the weather turns colder, Berliners' clothing starts shedding colour. Yellow in particular disappears. Which, in my first year in Berlin, imbued my chirpy yellow jumper with a fresh-off-the-boat vibe.…

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Initially, I did not even know what the German for 'on' and 'off' was (see bottom left), what more the rest of the manual. - by SL Wong

Contemplating the Washing Machine

Betrachtung der Waschmaschine

I shall contemplate the washing machine. Dictionary firmly in hand, I sit before the machine,..

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Not curry laksa, but close enough - my curry kapitan.

Dream Interpretations


On my first night in Berlin, I dreamt of an aluminium wall overflowing with Curry Laksa gravy. Taupok, green beans and all.