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This pair of statues flanked broad steps leading to the fountain in Körnerpark. - by SL Wong



What's art, what's defacement? It's definitely defacement when it is a monument. Still, the paintwork on these Körnerpark statues evoked another image for me ..

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This is a recurring motif in Banksy's oeuvre. - by SL Wong

Beyond Banksy

Außerhalb Banksy

The painstaking removal of multiple layers of paint revealed policemen with smileys as faces. Trademark Banksy, the guerilla street artist, they made up a work called 'Every Picture Tells a…

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Vhils Rebooted

Vhils Gerebootet

I was determined not to miss it again. After stumbling upon a magnificent giant portrait by street artist Vhils in 2012, I tracked down all four works that were in…

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Linienstrasse 142 sculpture - by SL Wong

Constructed Art

Gebaute Kunst

The sculpture was huge, shaggy and up on a tree. We were delighted to immediately identify it as something from home – an orang-utan – and whipped out our camera…

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Graffiti on Geschwister-Scholl-Str is coincidentally appropriate to its location. - by SK Mandal

The Jumper

Der Springer

Besides the amusing happenstance of the scooter's parked position, the jumper's energy, resoluteness and youth appear to reflect that of resistance and action.

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Vhils for Levis' Go Forth Campaign, Potsdamer Str. 151 (Sven Marquardt) - by SLWong

Stone Faced

Königsroter Bahnhof

A giant face stared out at us from the wall of the building. In a city full of graffiti, the work was stunning for the quality of its portraiture. Excited,…



Raw Kunst Gallery

The buildings on Revalerstr. 99 were pointed out to us on our very first day in Berlin. But we never had cause to enter them. It was whilst on the trail of a piece by street artist Vhils that I finally walked into the RAW-Gelände.

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