Messages against gentrification started proliferating throughout Neukölln in 2011. - by SL Wong

Yuppies – Out!

The first street demonstration in Berlin we attended in 2009 was against gentrification, especially in Kreuzberg and Mitte. But it

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This pair of statues flanked broad steps leading to the fountain in Körnerpark. - by SL Wong


What’s art, what’s defacement? It’s definitely defacement when it is a monument. Still, the paintwork on these Körnerpark statues evoked another image for me ..

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The Hunt

This is a story of a waterlily pond, a frog and a snake. It is full of action, menace and suspense. Luckily, there is a happy ending although one party does look foolish.

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The See-Through Dome

To tourists, the Reichstag building is defined by its magnificent dome, which is one of Berlin’s most popular attractions. I

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First Snow

I was inordinately excited at my first Berlin snowfall. Perhaps because it happened in November when we were told it doesn’t normally snow till January. Perhaps it was because November was a mere month after we had relocated.

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